Monday, November 17, 2008

Top Ten Reasons you know it’s time to abandon a WIP (Work in Progress) for the night:

10. Your legs are all warm and tingly from the heat of your laptop because it has been on so long.

9. You’ve been through your iTunes *official* writing playlist—twice.

8. You’ve now moved from your writing playlist to Celine Dion.

7. The fact that you’re listening to Celine Dion doesn’t bother you at all . . .

6. Even though you’re embarrassed to actually admit to people that you have Celine songs on your playlist—several of them (cough, cough).

5. You’ve been rewriting and re-reading the same paragraph for the last thirty minutes.

4. Your eyes are beginning to blur the words on your screen . . .

3. And they are now dangerously close to crossing.

2. When you go back to edit the previous sentence, you briefly wonder if you’ve suddenly been given the ability to communicate in Russian.

And the Number One reason why you know it’s time to abandon a WIP for the night:

It’s way past midnight and there is an incredibly warm featherbed/comforter and pillow with your name on it . . . and an alarm that will not be set so that you may crawl out of bed when you’re good and ready . . . or when baby girl decides she’s ready—whichever comes first. And because sleeping is always better than writing Russian—especially when you don’t *really* speak it.