Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Here!

You never forget your first...

In THE FIRST TIME, 25 young adult authors contribute 25 stories all about firsts: first loves, first kisses, first zombie slayings, and more. Featuring New York Times bestselling authors Carrie Ryan and Jessica Verday, plus a host of others. From humor to horror, and everything in between, these stories will make you laugh, cry, cheer, (and maybe even scream) as you experience something brand new from the authors that you love.

Contributing authors include: Cyn Balog, Lauren Bjorkman, Leigh Brescia, Jennifer Brown, Kirstin Cronn-Mills, Janet Gurtler, Teri Hall, Cheryl Renee Herbsman, Stacey Jay, Heidi R. Kling, C. Lee McKenzie, Saundra Mitchell, Jenny Moss, Jackson Pearce, Shani Petroff, Carrie Ryan, Sydney Salter, Kurtis Scaletta, Jon Skovron, Kristina Springer, Rhonda Stapleton, Charity Tahmaseb, Jessica Verday, J. A. Yang, and Lara Zielin

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Then, read "When Skies are Gray" and tell me what you think! :)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yes, I'm Still Hanging Around. . . .

Blog posts have been sporadic, I know. (More like non-existent.) I've had a super busy summer so far, and I'm working on a few "behind the scenes" things right now. So . . . it's not that I'm not writing or editing or sending projects out into the world . . . it's just that I can't talk about them here.

So vague, I know.

I do have something I want to share, though. The cover of the Debs Anthology I am *so proud* to be part of, coming Fall 2011.

The official release info is here.

I will keep you posted as new information arises! *Promise*


Friday, May 6, 2011

For Leigh Brescia, Press "Ruby Rush"

So, I was doing some blog maintenance recently, and was surprised to discover that the number one search term linked to my blog is not, in fact, leigh brescia (or one of the many derivatives of this, including—but not limited to—brecsia, bresica, bresca, breskia . . . yeah, you get the point). Neither is it: YA author. Or: One Wish.

It is actually . . . (wait for it) . . . Ruby Rush. This, followed by: Feria R68.

I don't know what this means, but if you have stumbled across this blog because you're thinking about going Ruby Rush, you've come to the right place. I'm a huge Feria fan. I thought Ruby Rush looked great in my hair. I've since toned it down a bit, but summer's coming, so you just never know.

The post you're looking for (with pics) is here.

In addition to chopping off and coloring my hair in fits of angst, I also write books.

So . . . I'm glad you dropped in; the reason why doesn't really matter. And whatever color you opt for, I hope the result is everything you want and more.

Don't be a stranger!



Friday, April 22, 2011

On American Idol

I honestly thought I wasn't going to like this season of American Idol. It's no secret that I had a married girl crush on Simon Cowell, so when he announced he was leaving, I was more than slightly bummed. I'm happy that the show has carried on, though, and that it seems to be doing well. Without him, this season is nothing if not nicer. Maybe less honest, but nice is good, too.

I was shocked with everyone else when Pia was eliminated, I hated to see Paul go, but I am totally pulling for James Durbin.

This doesn't mean I want him to win. In fact, it might be better for him if he doesn't. A record deal is as good as his, anyway, and I'd rather see him work on his own project/music without the white noise of the American Idol label.

I mean, James Durbin does Muse. Does it get any better than this?

(sigh) Emo angsty boy rocker. Are you really all that surprised?



Friday, April 1, 2011

Thought You Had a Blog Post, Didn't You?


It's actually another one of those weeks. But the good news is, I'm working on a new project, and it's all bright and shiny and sparkly and really fun right now. Actually, it's a little scary. I spent a few minutes yesterday downloading some Hans Zimmer to my playlist. Note: the Inception soundtrack is great to write by.

Intense. Just like the story. Now I'm just waiting for the nightmares.

Have a great weekend!