Saturday, November 24, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 24

What? Only six days to go? Ouch.

So you won’t be surprised to hear (um, read) that I begin today . . . behind. About 1,000 words behind actually. I’ve had a fairly productive week otherwise. I had a great time visiting family on Thursday, and I did watch my first official Christmas movie—Elf (which we’ve watched three times since then). I’ve also been very productive taking care of sick people, which, yes, you can officially add me to the list. AND I spent all day yesterday helping my mom decorate Christmas trees. Yes, trees. Three to be exact, and there’s one more to go (the real one). I plan to put up my two trees this week (Monday, maybe?). Then I’ve got Christmas cards to worry about, two or three more people to buy gifts for, and a long, long, long list of Christmas movies I *have* to watch or I’ll just die. Oh yeah, and a book to finish.

You will be happy to know that there is absolutely NO chocolate consumption to report for the last four days. No. I baked sugar cookies on Wednesday . . . and I’ve been eating them ever since. Number consumed. I don’t know. 20 maybe? I’ve eaten two today alone, if that helps, and it’s only….


37,307: NaNo words written
12,693: words to go


Derek said...

Three trees? So you are one of those spoiled rich girls?

Derek said...

Ok, you know I have a real estate license but it just hit me, is DH's name have something to do with the name that means the same as "being faithful?"

Leigh Brescia said...

No, I'm a very down to earth person. The first time my family had more than one tree I was fifteen, maybe? Then it upped to three, and now four. But I haven't even lived in the house they're in now, so I can't claim four trees (two are side by side, anyway). My mom studied interior design at ECU if that explains anything.

I'm a princess in my own mind, if that helps. And I don't know what name "being faithful" applies to, but if you're into real estate then it's safe to assume you know who he is. But I'm not supposed to talk about him in this blog. So this convo never happened. :)

DB said...

Yeah I know you're not supposed to talk about him, that's why I threw out a hint there. :-)

Don't even want to talk about interior design. The ex-girlfriend did that, and I am currently a bit miserable as her son's birthday is this week and I miss him and his mommie so much.