Sunday, February 10, 2008

Darts and Laurels

Darts: to sinus infections and stomach viruses. We’ve been sick off and on for the past month and passing it back and forth to each other. Thank God I’m feeling “normal” again (whatever that is, right?) but I wonder for how long?

Laurels: to the amazing seamstresses over at If you’ve never seen their work, check out the clothing forums. Amazing. Project Runway potential written all over them. I ENVY them. I want to BE them. Or maybe I just want the clothes they make?

Speaking of Project Runway…

Laurels: to Jill, Rami, Sweet P, Chris and Christian for rounding out the top five on Project Runway. Three of my fav’s are represented. Go me! Now I want their clothes…or to be able to Make their clothes.

And um, laurels to Ricky, who didn’t cry for like, the first time all season even though he was booted. What was up with that? He burst into tears Every Time he was questioned about his designs . . . and then later in his interviews. It actually became a running joke between me and the guy I’m sorta married to but not allowed to talk about online: the guys on PR cried more than the girls. Why didn’t Ricky cry when he got auf’d? I was almost disappointed. Good for him for keeping it together, though . . . I guess.

Darts: to Red Hair Dye. Specifically Garnier Nutrisse True Red. You were supposed to make me look like the girl on the box! What Happened? I swear, I think there is some anti-red barrier that my head can’t break through. I want red hair! None of this auburn mess. I love auburn, don’t get me wrong, and my hair isn’t destroyed or anything so it’s not True Red’s fault . . . it’s just that my hair is *so dark* it hardly looks red unless I’m in the sun. I *don’t* understand.

Maybe it’s fate telling me I’m not meant to be a redhead. Maybe, if I actually accomplished the red I wanted I’d look so pathetic I’d beg that guy I married to run to the store to buy a box of Chestnut or Medium Ash Brown or something. Maybe Fate is doing me a favor: stepping in every time I dye it to keep me from looking like a loser . . . I wonder how much money I’ve spent this winter trying to go red. A few more wasted attempts and I could’ve paid a professional to do it for me.

Red. Is it really so hard? I mean, what’s a girl gotta do?

Laurels: to me, for finishing my training this week so that I can start teaching online.

Laurels: to steady paychecks.

Darts: to distractions (like sewing and ebay and craftster) which are keeping me from finishing my revisions.

Darts: to me, for letting distractions distract me.

Laurels: for another day to *get things done.*

Have a great one!

Love, Leigh

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