Monday, December 1, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time. . . .

On this first day of December (since it’s after midnight, I’m on a technicality), you will be happy to know that Christmas preparations in the Brescia household are fully underway. In the three days since Thanksgiving, I have . . .

1. Eaten way too much sweet potato casserole, but since it’s like, the only vegetable I consume all year, it’s okay.

2. Officially changed my desktop background to a “Christmas” photo.

3. Set my radio dial in my car to the Christmas station (am still waiting to hear Feliz Navidad).

4. Watched the Garfield Christmas special on DVD at least five times (could be more, but not sure, as things are sort of hazy at this point).

5. Watched Elf (or parts of it) three times.

6. Witnessed my favorite Elf scene of all time:
Walter: “He thinks he’s an elf.”
Emily: “I’m sorry . . . what?”

7. Watched the guy I’m sorta married to but not allowed to talk about online complete the majority of our Christmas shopping online, then subsequently wrap and label each package once it arrived.

8. Listened to my Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Christmas CD in its entirety . . . proceeding to dance around the room and sing “I’ll be Home with Bells On” at the top of my lungs (a Christmas tradition).

9. Watched my favorite Christmas commercial: the Hershey’s kisses that ring “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” . . . because that little kiss who’s relieved his part is over is so cute!

10. Put up half of the Christmas decorations. All that’s left is the “big” tree (the real one we put in the living room, because everyone knows that “Christmas tree smell” is my favorite).

I will tackle this tomorrow . . . today. Well, later today after I wake up.

What gets you in the mood for Christmas? Elf? Kenny and Dolly? Fess up!

~Love, Leigh~

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