Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Buyer's Remorse!!

I wore a hole in the knee of my jeans last week. I’m kinda particular about jeans because I have long legs . . . I can’t wear traditional dept store jeans: I prefer Eva boot cut Express jeans . . . my size Long.

They’re fairly pricy, considering (65 bucks+ on a good day), and it’s hard throwing around that kind of money when I have bills to pay and a book habit to feed. Still, Express jeans are SO good to me. I can wear them and wash them nonstop for like, a year and a half (or until I get a hole in the knee) so I figure I get my money’s worth.

I went shopping this weekend, and decided that maybe 65 bucks was too much to spend on a pair of jeans. Plus, Express had reorganized their store, and their jeans selection was *not* what it use to be. Long story short, I made the fatal mistake of buying regular department store jeans.

Yes, I tried them on, but it’s three days later and I am clearly having buyer’s remorse (after I removed the tags and washed them, no less). They’re long, so they fit lengthwise, but they came in odd sizes. I went one number up, and they were too tight (I’m assuming juniors’ sizes are different from ladies’?). Then I went the next size up. Keep in mind I’m now three numbers up from my traditional size. (Sigh.) I have to pull them up whenever I stand, and I can’t bend over too far or . . . FLASH!

And they’re all new and stiff.

Why can’t I just stick with what works? Honestly. I’m not at all obsessive about clothes, but I am so the denim person. I should’ve considered it an investment. I’m wondering how fast I can wear a hole in the knee in this pair. They were on sale, so maybe the quality isn’t what it should be.

The good news is I still have a few back-up pairs of semi-retired Express jeans that I snagged during a 2 for 1 sale. That makes me feel slightly better. I will be pulling them back out.

Also, the fact that my new pair is a size and a half larger than my last pair is doing *nothing* for my self confidence. I should either eat lots ice cream today to make up the difference, or throw them in a hot washer.

Or . . . maybe ice cream first, and then the washer! :)


Shana said...

I always have buyer's remorse. I take so long to decide whether or not to buy anything and then later I think that I shouldn't have spent the money. ;)

I've read that you should always buy jeans a little tight because the denim stretches so much as you wear them that they'll loosen up throughout the day. Must be true because my jeans are always a bit too tight when I put them on in the morning and then I'm having to hang onto my belt loops to keep them up in the evening, LOL.

Leigh Brescia said...