Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Looking for Divine Inspiration

I deleted the ending to my WIP (work in progress) last week, and I’ve tied a few things together since then, but I still haven’t found that big bang ending I’m looking for.

In fact, I only wrote like, 50 words last night. The majority of my writing time was spent staring at the computer screen with this fantastically blank expression on my face.


Hate those days.

Am hoping for a bout of divine inspiration v. soon, even though I routinely tell my students that you can’t wait for inspiration to strike . . . you just have to write.

I. Am. Such. A. Hypocrite.

The good news is I’ve rediscovered The Cranberries. “Dreams” is my power song. Thank you, You Tube.

I seriously think a chick flick is in order: something fabulously YA, like “What a Girl Wants,” because, in my humble opinion, Colin Firth *is* divine enough to inspire.

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