Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

A few things:

1. A HUGE congrats to Aprilynne Pike! Her debut novel, WINGS reached the #1 slot on the NYT Bestseller list this week!!! Here’s the link to our interview from a few weeks ago if you missed it: Also, go visit Aprilynne at her home on the web. . . here: Go Aprilynne!! Woot!

2. One week from this very moment I will be on a plane, on my way to New York City for my first real book signing. I’m stoked/nervous/half-crazed all at the same time, but then, that’s like, my default setting so no surprise there.

3. If you’re going to BEA next weekend come and say hi! I’ll be walking around the convention center, meeting up with Debs and housemates, and stalking some pretty major writers. Will post pics of my sightings upon return. Am hoping I’m not kicked out for being obsessive fangirl. Oh yeah, I’ll be here: WestSide Books, Booth #3931 on Saturday from 2:00-3:00.

4. So far, work on the WIP is going well. Since I’ve never attempted an urban fantasy, I’m fairly obsessive about researching and outlining this one. I have everything planned out all the way to the climax. Not sure how it will all end, yet, though, but I’m going to keep pushing forward. It’s always interesting to me how the story takes on a life of its own. I have full confidence that my characters will tell me exactly what needs to happen. I’m loving writing this book so far. I hope it continues past the honeymoon phase . . . when I’m at 30,000 words and start to flounder (it always happens around then, doesn’t it?). I’m rapidly approaching that mark: fingers crossed!

5. I’m not quite obsessed yet, but I listened to several Muse songs on YouTube last night (Muse is the band Stephenie Meyer credits in her novels, and the song Supermassive Black Hole is on the Twilight sound track [and is AWESOME, btw]). I’m only listening because the guy I’m sorta married to but not allowed to talk about online and I have plans to see U2 (*heart* Bono) this year, and Muse is their opener. I’m not a big concert person, but this may end up being fun. (And, being a writer, I can always write it off as “research.”) I *love* my job!

Hope you have a great Friday!!



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Sliding on the Edge said...

Let us know how NY treats you, Leigh. I'm sure you'll have a great experience.