Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vanity Searches!

Hi, I’m Leigh, and I’m a self-googler.

Is googler even a word? Well, I just made it one. So yeah, I signed up for Google Alerts so I’d know immediately whenever something related to me or One Wish hit the internet . . . only I’ve found that it doesn’t catch everything . . . so I’ve become obsessed with googling myself to see what’s going on. The guy I’m sorta married to but not allowed to talk about online is concerned I’m vain. If I am, I blame him . . . and Louis Vuitton.

Anyway, here are some neat things I’ve discovered this week in my narcissistic pursuits:

The Ottawa Public Library System has One Wish on order:

Oh! And here it is at the Missoula Montana Library . . . but it’s been checked out! Yay! Whoever you are I hope you love it!

(There are quite a few libraries stocking One Wish now, so check to see if your library has it. If not, ask them why!)

And here I am on ebay!,-2009)_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQimsfpZTL090630171002r4643QQimsxZ20090630QQitemZ341109074887QQmediaitemZ1

If you live in India . . . fear not! You have free shipping:

If you live in Germany . . . you can get One Wish through Amazon. I’m not sure how this works, though, and I’d imagine shipping costs are going to burn. You’re better off living in India. Apparently the German translation for One Wish is Gebundene Ausgabe. Cool right? Guten Tag! (Yes, that is the extent of my foreign language capabilities . . . in German, at least.)

And . . . I have a signing set up for September in Elizabeth City at Page by Page: it’s already on their calendar!!

Still waiting for confirmation about which bookstores will carry One Wish, and when they will be stocked. YOU can help, though! How?

1. Call or stop by your local bookstore (chain or independent) and ask them if they’re stocking One Wish. If they aren’t, ask: Why Not?

2. Ditto with the libraries! More and more libraries are jumping on the One Wish bandwagon every day (I know, because I’m stalking them on WorldCat), so check back often. Please don’t harass the librarians, though: we love them.

3. Encourage your friends to pick up a copy, or buy one for a friend.

4. If you’ve already read One Wish, consider
a) blogging about it (I’d especially love to see a vlog!)
b) write a review. There are so many awesome teen review sites, and I’d love
to have more Amazon reviews so a certain other review (cough cough) skips to another page.

(After you’ve submitted, email me and I’ll post the link here.)

I’m planning blitzkrieg promotion this fall, so stay tuned for details. I may be looking for street team members (girls between the ages of 13-17) to help me out.

Will keep you posted.

Wait a minute . . . blitzkrieg is German, too, right? I’m so much smarter than I thought . . . and never, ever vain. :)

Have a Fabulous Thursday!


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