Friday, September 4, 2009

Fact on Friday and a Movie Recommendation

Yesterday, I went into the playroom and found a missing container of Reese’s Pieces. They were in the “refrigerator” of baby girl’s plastic kitchen. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious who the culprit was. My mom, who was there at the time, asked: “Why are you so surprised? When you were a teenager you kept a tub of cake icing in your bathroom.”

To which I responded: “What? Are you serious??”

I did not remember this—at all. But once she mentioned it, yeah, I have a vague recollection of hoarding a tub of Chocolate Betty Crocker icing in a bathroom drawer.

For a late-night chocolate fix, I guess? Who knows?

Of course, now I’m all like: “Aren’t you supposed to refrigerate those things after opening?”


I saw a fantastic movie last night. I don’t think it was in theaters; as far as I know it went straight to DVD. Still, it’s a “Hot New Release” at Blockbuster, and I highly recommend it. They’re calling it a “Romantic Comedy,” but there’s some drama mixed in, too. Seriously: there are some “laugh out loud” moments, and some times you might need a tissue, which is the perfect combo, in my opinion.

There are some quirky moments: you have to employ a bit of imagination, but love stories don’t get much better than this. And really, I could think of worse things than staring at James Franco for an hour and a half.

Have a great weekend!


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