Saturday, February 6, 2010

School Visit!!

I Know! I Know!

I’ve just about disappeared off the face of the planet. Still juggling an insane class schedule. This week was slower, but I spent my free time preparing for my very first school visit, which was Friday.

Let me just break here and tell you what an AWESOME time I had talking to the 9th and 11th grade AVID students at North Pitt, and I’m *so glad* my high school English teacher invited me to speak to them.

I’m so ADD, and neurotic, and public speaking isn’t my favorite thing to do, but these guys were awesome! They were so attentive and they laughed and they asked great questions.

I had fun telling them all of my crazy lies growing up, and reading some of the things I wrote when I was their age. . . . It was a blast!
I didn’t embarrass myself too much, which is always a good thing. I was talking to a group of girls after the first class, and they were telling me that they noticed I was playing with a paper clip while I was talking (nervous energy!). Well, ladies, you should know that during the second hour . . . I DESTROYED that paper clip. Seriously. It ended up in three pieces by the time I was done.

I did lose my train of thought a few times. . . . But the worst thing that happened: I took a swig of water, and when I tilted my water bottle back some splashed in my face! How does that even happen? Only I could drown myself standing in front of a class.

Drowning aside, I had a fabulous time, and I appreciated the comments from a few of them about how I inspired them to keep writing, and follow their dreams, and stay persistent.

Because that’s what it’s all about: finding your passion, and sticking with it.
And they should know that they inspired me, too. They reminded me why I write, and who I’m writing for.

And why I *LOVE* writing more than anything in the world.

They’re calling for snow here in the next few hours. Looking forward to grading my last few assignments of the week, and then getting back to revisions on the latest ms.

Have a fabulous weekend!!


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