Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Five: I Can’t Believe I’m Actually on the Treadmill Again Edition

1. I’ve unofficially decided to take September off. I’ve been writing/working on projects non-stop since . . . I don’t know. Last year? Seriously. I’ve either been working on something new or revising projects into the ground, so I think a mental vacay is just what the doctor ordered. Not that I actually saw a doctor or anything. This is a total self-diagnosis. It’s okay, though, because I aced Psych 101.

2. Still, I can’t help the new ideas that are swirling around my head: new projects that I want to attempt, possibly. And when I was reading the first draft of the ms I wrote throughout the month of July the other day, I decided that I don’t hate it as much as I thought I did. This was kind of surprising, actually, because I was full of self-loathing over it for a while there. It took stepping away for the entire month of August to realize that it might have potential: the germ of an idea . . . even if *major* revisions are needed.

3. We have two more days until Mercury leaves retrograde. I have to admit: things weren’t so bad this time around. Seriously. I might be back to thinking the horoscope stuff is just hogwash. For instance, my horoscope today is telling me that “errands” are going to take up all of my free time. So far I’ve made it to the post office, picked up SuperGirl SideKick from school, and hit a drive-thru with the Guy I’m Sorta Married to But Not Allowed to Talk About Online. Now I’m home. No more errands. Yep. It’s all hogwash.
Actually, I think blogging will take up all of my free time. . . .

4. You will also be incredibly pleased to know: I’m Back On The Treadmill! It’s no lie! I swear: We are Back Together! This is four days in a row. And to think, all it took was a flat screen TV on the wall of my bedroom. Who would’ve even thought? Music doesn’t work; books don’t work (yes, I’ve tried reading on the treadmill). Saved by the Bell reruns at 8am: They Totally Work!

5. Yes, I’ve been watching old episodes of SBTB this week. I mean, now that I actually have mornings to myself: why not? They’re so great. And they keep me moving, which makes them powerful stuff. Today, I got an extra special surprise. I was watching one of the college episodes and Producer: Mark Fink flashed across the screen. I nearly fell off the treadmill. Mark Fink! (WestSide Books: STEPPING UP; THE SUMMER I GOT A LIFE). I totally know him! I met him! And he’s *such* a great guy. I also like the older episodes, because Jeannie Taylor is the script coordinator. She and my mom went to school together, and she used to send me stickers in the mail.

That makes me like, two degrees from Zack Morris, right?

I don’t even know how that works.

In the meantime, I hope you have a great weekend! And please, do *not* start a pool to bet on how long I’ll actually stay on this workout kick. I’d like to think that Zack and A. C. and Kelly are powerful enough to keep me *on* the wagon . . . er, treadmill.


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