Thursday, November 1, 2007

NaNoWriMo: Day 1

Leave it to fate to begin my November with the Busiest Weekend Ever. The Distractions abound. First, I’m at my parent’s house for the next two days watching the little brother while they are out of town, and second, the toddler is sick. This means whining, clinging, and no naps. It means that in order to get the child asleep, I have to be in bed by 9pm with her. Unfortunately my writing time is from 11pm to 1am. Does anyone besides me see a problem with this?

I know. But there is always a bright side. In this case, it’s good food, a king-size bed, continuous hot water, and an Ab Lounger. Maybe I should pretend I’m on vacation….

I did, however, open Word and save my NaNo book file. There is also a title, and my name.

Time: 1:40pm
Number of Words: 11

Only 49,989 words to go.

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