Friday, November 2, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 2

Every writer knows that there are days where it’s just not fun to write; where we do whatever we can to keep from writing. It’s amazing what happens on those days: dishes are washed, laundry is folded, dust bunnies vanish into thin air. (Stop by my house unexpectedly and you’ll see that those days don’t come often.) But last night, yes, I had an opportunity to write and I didn’t take it—and not because I didn’t WANT to write, there was just this HUGE distraction: my parent’s bathroom.

Now, I probably shouldn’t talk about my parent’s bathroom in my blog, but I have to because that’s my excuse for not reaching my daily NaNo word quota: I wasted way too much time in there last night. The room itself is nothing short of amazing: a small TV, a big bathtub, lots of mirrors and miraculous lighting. Everywhere I looked, there were soaps, and facial masks, and . . . loofahs! I know . . . loofahs. What self-respecting female could pass all that up?

I walked in and was immediately sucked into its nasty clutches. I took one look in my mom’s magnifying mirror—the kind that shows the pores ON your pores—and realized: my eyebrows looked pathetic. I mean, really, I know I was working really hard to wrap up my last book, but what had I let myself become? It was embarrassing. And so I tweezed. And tweezed. And tweezed.

Honestly, I’m such a weak person. But let me tell you: the distraction was Kind Of worth it.

NaNo Stats:

Time: 2:35pm
24: teeth bleached
10: manicured fingernails
2: beautiful eyebrows
1: cucumber mask applied

257: NaNo words written
49,743: words to go
1: promise to do MUCH better tomorrow

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