Sunday, November 11, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 11

I told you when I start yelling, it’s all over! Seriously, my favorite scenes are the ones where people are yelling. And again, I know that says something about me as a person (that I yell a lot? I love drama? Don’t know). But what happened yesterday was nothing short of a miracle. One of my characters did something really dumb (not at all thinking about the repercussions) and it is going to affect my main character (her best friend) in a major way. And so there was yelling…and I managed an output of 2,200 words! I know! Over two thousand words worth of “I can’t believe you!” and “How could you do something so stupid!” I love teenage girls. I swear I do.

Days like yesterday make the “writing life” worth living. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, the argument is over (for now) and so it’s back to work. Oh yeah, and for some reason I’m still a day behind. This is really starting to annoy me….

Time: 3:20pm

15,055: Number of NaNo words written
34,945: Words to Go

(What? No chocolate today? Ha! Nope! went to lunch with the parents and got cheesecake instead. But the day is young, I assure you.)

Oh, and I want to give a *shout-out* to my high school biology teacher, who I saw today and is just, the sweetest man I’ve ever met (and not because I made 55’s on all of my exams and he still passed me with a C). He’s probably not reading this blog, but he’s wonderful just the same, and always pretends to be so glad to see me….

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