Saturday, November 10, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 10

Okay so like, two or three days ago I was all about “motivation” and writing when you don’t want to, and I realized it’s pretty pathetic if I don’t take my own advice. So, instead of watching the movie last night, I wrote. I’m still behind, but at least I sat down and made a concerted effort, right? Right!

And now that things are beginning to settle down for the afternoon, I’ve got the itunes (instrumental only, please) going, and am prepared to tear through a thousand or so words. And of course I had an epiphany about the book I’m writing and my plans for it after it ends, but I can’t spill that until it’s done….

Off to be productive!

Time: 2:35pm

3: loads of laundry
1: load of dirty dishes
1: trip to the waterfront for inspiration

12,720: NaNo words written
37,280: words to go

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