Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 14

It’s a weird day; a day full of inconsistencies. For one, I’m in a great mood, and when I’m in a great mood I sing. Unfortunately, I’m singing Christmas carols. It’s also like, 75 degrees here and nowhere near *official* Christmas Weather—which is snow. And so I’m singing Christmas carols, and “Spring Cleaning” (what little sweeping and wiping I felt like doing until I decided I’d had enough), and now I’m eating ice cream. (sigh) Christmas carols and ice cream and warm weather . . . it’s so wrong—on so many levels. Oh yeah, and our milk was partially frozen when we bought it, so every glass I pour is full of these little ice crystals. It’s strange—but I really, really like it.

What’s even better? I know what I’m going to write about today, and I think another fight is involved, which means my word count is going to skyrocket (or I’ll at least hit my daily quota really fast). I think I should write a book that’s just one, huge fight. I swear I would finish it in a weekend. So, I’m feeling very chipper and very productive—hopefully that will continue throughout the remainder of the day.

Time: 3:35pm

1: bowl of ice cream
1: front porch swept

Laurels: to the amazing YA Writer John Green for explaining the issues behind the Writer’s strike on his vlog ( I can’t become a member of the Writer’s Guild until after my book comes out in the spring, but I fully support my fellow writers who aren’t getting paid for the work they’ve done. Writers are People, too!

21,684: NaNo words written
28,316: words to go


Derek said...

Dear Mrs. Brescia: (I can't even pronounce that)

Don't be fooled, winter is on the way! In all seriousness, since the flood of 1999 (Floyd) the weather has changed so much there is really no telling what it may be like these days. Prior to the flood, we would be in heavy coats around the middle of October, but at the moment, it looks like we still have a few more days of morning pants and afternoon shorts!

Leigh Brescia said...

When DH and I got married, we put the "pronunciation" of our name in our program, because we knew most people didn't have a clue how to say it...

It's "Bruh-see-uh" (rhymes with the "cia" in "Garcia"

But you can call me Erin, or Leigh, or "hey you." :)

Derek said...

Hey you! :P