Saturday, November 17, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 17

In honor of Thanksgiving, which I just *at this very moment* realized was This Week, and the fact that it’s Saturday and I don’t feel like composing an inspiring blog entry (yeah, like I’m really that inspirational), I give you the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Here is an opportunity unlike any other: to see what a real, live writer eats during the holidays (and I say that with all the sarcasm I can possibly muster).

Turkey: Yes (I mean, I can’t forego turkey on Thanksgiving, even if I do prefer honey ham—which I eat by the truckload at Christmas)
Stuffing: depends on how I’m feeling that day; usually that means no
Mom’s sweet potato casserole: Oh, most definitely. It’s what I Live For—what keeps me inspired the rest of the year.
Homemade bread: Yes
Vegetables: But only green beans, lima beans, or corn
Cranberry sauce: Definitely Not
Pumpkin Pie: No

I just realized what a total Thanksgiving Party Pooper I am. Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, and Pumpkin Pie are like, the staples of Thanksgiving dinner, and I don’t even eat them.
Oh well, I do plan to pretend I’m an adult and contribute to this year’s dinner. I’m making something chocolate.

*And you wonder why you’re not surprised!

Time: 3:40pm

2: loads of laundry done
1: long (family) drive to clear my head
3: pieces of chocolate candy

26,707: NaNo words written
23,293: words to go


Derek said...

I only eat the turkey, collards, mashed potatoes, rolls, and chocolate pie. Once in a while I will eat the pecan pie. I am a very picky eater!

At Christmas, add all the above and include baked ham!

New Years day - skip the black eye peas in favor of the collards. The way I see it, collards means money and black eye peas means good luck. With money, I can create my own luck!

Leigh Brescia said...

One word: Ew. And you call yourself a picky eater? I'm Not a picky eater and I don't even go near collards. My dad, however, loves them.

Good philosophy though, about the money. Maybe I should get over my issues with collards and eat them anyway. Couldn't hurt, right?

CresceNet said...
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Derek said...

Well yeah I am a picky eater. Collars were the only greens I ate until around the time Outback came to Greenville and I started dating. Once I started dating I wanting not to embarass my girlfriend started eating salad with my meal (we used to go to Outback a lot). Then when Olive Garden came to twon a few years ago, well I feel in love with their salads.

So collars, salads with tons of ranch dressing and plain salads with what ever they put on it at the Olive Garden is the only greens I will eat.

By the way, I wouldn't even eat chocolate until around the time I was 9 years old. Now it's an every day addiction! I tried sweet potatoe pie a few years ago for the first time after listening to Alabama's song about it.