Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 20

What is life without a little drama, right? Today the drama is that I have a non-functioning laptop. Yes, the cord issue I spoke of yesterday is permanent, and so DH has rush ordered a new cord to the house. Unfortunately, for the next few days we have to *share* a laptop. I know. SHARE IT. Thankfully things are going smoothly so far. I’m grateful for it, or I’d never finish my NaNo novel, but will be happy when mine is working again. This keypad is so strange. I have to beat the keys to get them to work, and I keep missing letters.

The good news is I’m almost at the most climactic part of my book. This is where things really pick up (yes, there are a lot of fights!). Yesterday I think I reached my quota in record time. Of course, I can’t be distracted either, because I’m sharing a laptop. No more checking myspace a hundred times a day! And, that means this entry needs wrapping up, because I’ve got writing to do and a DH who will eventually need his computer back.

Oh yes, and the cell phone is ruined, too.
The good news is, DH is feeling better, and I think this little sickness might miss me. (Though I’m sure that will change the moment I post this.)

Time: 2:30pm

31,716: NaNo words written
18,284: words to go


Derek said...

Why do you check myspace a hundred times a day? Just do like I do and have it to send you a little email every time someone leaves you a message.

I actually hate myspace but I use it. I think I now have 7 friends on there. 2 are cousins, 3 are real estate agents whom I used to blog with and the other friend (besides you of course) is an author (Monica) of a book that I helped co-edit that made the NY Times Best list. She also has her own TV show too which is produced by the same guy who did the Home Alone.

Other than you, I pretty much know everyone on there personally and as far as myspace is concerned, if they want to get in touch with me bad enough, they have my number. As far as you are concerned, you're local so you can just look in the red book if you need to get up with me. :-)

Leigh Brescia said...

I do get comments sent to my inbox, I just like to check anyway. I'm obsessive about email, too. :)

Derek said...

Repeat after me.. "I .. am .. a .. myspace .. a..holic!"

That's the first step!

Melissa said...

Sharing a computer? Yikes! That's a hard day.

Saw you on the teen lit authors group, and I hail from NC too (Chapel Hill--same high school as Sarah Dessen, who's been extremely helpful/kind as I published my first book this fall).

Best of luck with all!