Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 21

Quick entry to boast about the fact that I wrote an amazing 3,059 words yesterday—even on this terrible laptop that keeps making me misspell things. I would love nothing more than to finish this novel by the weekend. But, I’ve only got what, nine days left? No rush. December 1st will be a glorious day.

In the meantime, tomorrow I’m heading out to see aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins, and will eat a truckload of sweet potato casserole. I plan to watch some of the Macy’s parade (before the telly gets switched to football), take a quick break and turn around and do everything again with DH’s dad. AND, after my last Thanksgiving meal is consumed, I will officially begin my Christmas celebration. That means I will watch my first Christmas movie, and break out Manheim Steamroller, and beg DH to get our decorations out of storage. The tree will be *up* by the first of next week and all will be well in my little fantasy world.

Yesterday I swiped a fallen Christmas tree branch from the parking lot at Food Lion. I’ve been sniffing over and over again, like it’s my crack or something.

(sigh) I love Christmas. AND I know where my novel is going today (it’s slowly concluding), and so I should have a *very productive* afternoon.

3: pieces of chocolate candy
0: ice cream because DH ate the last of it.

34,782: NaNo words written
15,218: words to go

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Derek said...

If you keep blogging, before long you are going to be calling your husband "DH" in real life too. :-)

The next time you guys buy new laptops, it may be a good idea to buy two similar models. That's what my dad and I do. If the computer cord messes up or something, we can always just use the other's.