Monday, November 26, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 26

Okay, so I’m still sick all right? Who knew that a basic cold could keep you so miserable for so long? But the masses have spoken (um, Derek), and so here is my daily entry! Late, yes, but better late than never.

I actually started an entry earlier, but it was so un-inspirational I deleted it and gave up. I’m not really feeling inspirational now, but I can’t leave all of my adoring fans hanging, right? (cough cough.) No, really, I’m so grateful for Derek and *Keaner*, my two most faithful readers, who (for some reason) keep coming back for more, even when I’m sick and writing a bunch of jibberish (i.e. right now).

So, our Christmas tree went up Saturday. Manheim Steamroller is playing every night, because really, what’s Christmas without them, right? I thought you’d agree. I’m slowly getting through my entire Christmas movie list: Elf (um, 8 times? Thanks to darling child), Home Alone, and Christmas with the Kranks. Tonight the fun begins at 6:00 (Christmas with the Kranks) and then at 8:00 (The Santa Claus). I’m really obsessed with movies this year because last year I didn’t get to watch them all, and it just kind of upset me—like I didn’t do things right or something. So this year—not making that mistake!

At some point I really should think about writing, but everything is so foggy I think it would be a wasted effort. Why couldn’t I have gotten sick earlier in the month, when word counts didn’t really matter? I can’t afford a night off! There’s no other weekend to catch up! (sigh.)

And is it just me or does PBS do at least a hundred “winterfest’s” a year?

That’s it, sorry for the complete randomness of this entire entry. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll return alive, inspired, and not sneezing every five seconds….

41,843: NaNo words written
8,157: words to go


Derek said...

Girl, you must really be sick as a dog as you haven't posted your chocolate count in three days now!

Hope you are feeling better. As for the book, if you don't make the word count before the deadline due to sickness, just do like I do and say the "beep with it" and keep writing. :-)

Leigh Brescia said...


The chocolate count is at three pieces today! I'm slowly coming off the sugar cookie fix, and today we got more ice cream. :)

There's actually something really weird going on--for the last three or so hours my appetite has been insatiable. It's absurd. Or maybe it's normal? I don't know. I'm eating everything in sight, so I'm taking it as a sign that I'm starting to get better...

Tomorrow maybe?

I also forgot to post the time!