Wednesday, November 7, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 7

I’m still slowly working to catch up so that I’m not a day behind on my word quota. Yesterday was a great day! I managed to write about 2400 words, which closes the gap just a bit, and today I’ve already written about 700 words, and that’s before naps and my usual nightly writing time. I’d love to get caught up so that I’m on pace by the weekend. I hate being behind; it’s suffocating. But I have to say, this whole word count thing is really motivating. I’m not sure if I would have been able to push through this story without it. There are some parts that move kind of slow—mostly at the beginning. Things are beginning to pick up, though. The majority of the book is going to be fueled by rumors, which I’m setting up right now. Once the drama gets going it should be easier to write, especially since dialogue in the form of yelling will be involved.

I think it’s poignant that the easiest part of writing (for me) comes through arguments. That’s when my mind works the fastest, I type the fastest, and my writing is literally On Fire. I also think that says something about me, which is kinda sad. Is it bad that I WANT my characters to fight so I’ll reach my quota?

Here’s to rumors, and yelling, and pre-teen girl catfights.

Time: 2:45pm

1: pieces of chocolate/peanut butter fudge consumed
12+: number of times email checked for grad exam results
9,064: number of NaNo words written
40,936: words to go

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