Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Colin Firth and Teen Flicks . . .

I love Colin Firth. I love him. I absolutely adore him. I do. Right now I’m kicked back, enjoying “What a Girl Wants” (the movie). That’s my treat for all the unpacking I’ve done. Yeah, well, the truth is I’m feeling incredibly lazy, and would rather watch movies than do important things. Like Cook. And Write.

Teen movies are my guilty pleasure. My DVD rack is full of them. I try to pretend that I rent and buy them for research (because I write for teens), but actually, I’d probably watch them even if I didn’t write. It sounds good, though: “Yes I’m watching Chasing Liberty for the millionth time . . . Of Course Not! It’s research!”

Because I just love researching girls who jump on the backs of cute guys’ motorcycles in Europe, and who go in search of their diplomatic father (especially when these diplomats are Colin Firth).

The truth is I’m a romantic at heart, which is why it’s so easy for me to love Colin, who is like, the ultimate romantic gentleman. His accent doesn’t hurt either, because yeah, I kinda have that thing for British guys.

So, to Lord Henry Dashwood, Mr. Darcy, Jamie Bennett, Lord Wessex, and Mark Darcy . . . (sigh) “Just As You Are.”


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