Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. A LOT. As in, ever since I moved, I’m almost certain I’ve had a dream Every Single Night that I remembered the next morning. I’m a frequent dreamer anyway, but Every Night? It’s very weird.

And I’m not having *normal* dreams. Okay, so dreams aren’t usually normal, but for instance, last night/this morning I dreamt about planes. Specifically, I dreamed about a plane that lost its wing and crashed into a pile of flames. I called 911 only to find out later that it was really a toy remote-control helicopter (?). So I felt the need to call 911 to apologize. THEN . . . (I know, same night new dream), there was this huge, mossy cliff I was trying to climb down. And THEN I’m on a boat, and I see this little miniature plane-type thing. It’s mechanical, only it’s the size of a mosquito. I let this plane “prick” my shoulder, then I give a thumbs-up sign to two government planes hovering (yes, hovering) nearby.

All I have to say is . . . WHAT?

What is up with this? I’m not into any government conspiracies, but I *know* we have strange little things flying around, if not in our country in others, because I’ve seen photos and read articles . . . and I realize that by me saying this my blog is probably going to be flagged at the FBI headquarters. I’m going to be *watched* and monitored from here on out. Maybe they’ll even bring me in and question me about my crazy, flying aircraft dreams.

I just wanna know why I’m dreaming so much all of a sudden. If they can tell me that, I’m good to go.

So yes, I’m in a new place, and that’s when it began. The first night in the new place I started using a new pillow (larger and fluffier). I’ve also been working out every day for at least an hour (this is definitely new). I think I’m sleeping better . . . my diet hasn’t changed much, except that I’m not eating as much fast food. I don’t know. Theories, anyone?

It’s not that I mind dreaming or anything, it’s just that I’d rather be dreaming about fancy ball gowns and dancing with Colin Firth. I can’t say that I’ve been having “nightmares,” but dreaming about government aircraft sucking my blood isn’t exactly pleasant if you know what I mean.

I don’t know. Maybe if I wasn’t knee-deep in research papers to grade I’d google it. In the meantime, if you know what’s causing this let me know. If you can interpret these dreams, even better. Bonus points if you can tell me how I can start dreaming about normal things . . . like beaches and horseback riding in the surf with Leo. If not, you can just tell me about the craziest dream you remember having.


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