Thursday, April 17, 2008

Since I’m not feeling very inspired at the moment, I wanted to pass along the information of someone who is inspired, and at the same time “inspiring.”

This is Shawn. I found out about him through the “Nerdfighters” Channel. Shawn is a former grad student and Nerdfighter currently working with the poor in Bangladesh.

This is from his YouTube page:

“My name is Shawn and on September 14 2006, I found my answer on how to make the world a better place. It's because of that answer that I am now in Bangladesh.On September 14th, 2006, the University of Notre Dame (of which I was a student studying for my Masters in Sociology) canceled all of its classes so that students could learn about an important issue: the problem of global health and third world poverty. One of the people who came to speak to us was Dr. Jeffrey Sachs (author of the book "The End of Poverty"). Dr. Sachs believes that extreme poverty can be eliminated in our lifetime. The power of this message inspired me to put school on hold so that I could do my part and hopefully inspire others along the way. I have come to Bangladesh to try and help the poorest of the poor. I am sharing this experience with the world through the power of YouTube.I know that my little "uncultured" project is a drop in the bucket. But hopefully, the more people that be inspired to believe we can end poverty in our lifetime - the closer we can get to that goal.”

Shawn posts regular videos highlighting his work. He isn’t with a group, he isn’t a charity; he’s just one person making a difference. His friends recently set up a paypal account to help support him while he’s there, but even if you can’t help, you can “subscribe, rate, and favorite” to get his message out there. His videos are amazing.

Shawn’s videos and commentary are also at:

Be Inspired!


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