Saturday, September 20, 2008

From my current WIP:

Just thought I’d post a little something from my current Work in Progress (WIP). I’m about to hit 40,000 words. The introductory stuff is over, and things are about to fall apart for the protagonist . . . (read: This is where it gets exciting).

The book is unnamed . . . for now. :)

“I pulled out of the parking lot first, taking a left in the direction toward my house. I watched in my rearview mirror as Parker took a right, heading wherever he wanted to go: out of town . . . home . . . whatever suited his whims of the moment. For this, I found myself feeling both sad for him and envious at the same time, wondering how it was even possible that two such emotions could mutually exist. And yet here I was—torn: wanting to pull him closer, saving him, and at the same time wishing I could hop on the back of his motorcycle and, for once, allow someone to save me.”

Back to work!!


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