Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This is launch year (One Wish, April 2009)! I will try not to scream in your ears, or blind you with a lot of CAPS and exclamation points, but you get the excitement, right?

Anyway, a shameless self-promotion link:

If you didn’t know already, I’m part of this fabulous group called the 2009 Debutantes. Basically, we are a group of writers of middle grades and young adult fiction, and we all have books coming out this year.

The official link:

And now for the good news! For the next twelve months there will be contests and giveaways, and I will personally be pimping out some excellent debut books, and interviewing a lot of fabulous new authors on my blog.

That would be here (another link):

One of the first contests I want to mention is the 12 Months of Debsness. The Debs are giving a way 12 gift bags full of very cool things related to the novels debuting this year. There’s one for each month of 2009, and the first is set to be given away on January 15th, so check out to enter!

The first Debutante I will be chatting with is the amazing Stacey Jay. Her novel: “You are So Undead to Me,” drops January 22. Stacey will be my guest on February 1st.

And then, closer to One Wish’s release date (April 24), I will be going on a massive Debs (and others) blog tour. Right now it looks like I will be a guest at 40+ different blogs. That’s a lot of typing. Hopefully my eyeballs won’t fall out or my fingers won’t fall off. Otherwise how would I write?

If you have a personal blog and are interested in having me as a guest, email me at I can answer questions or talk about whatever you’d like: writing, publishing, being a teenager, drama, teaching online, or how I really felt that night in eighth grade when I belatedly discovered I was wearing purple underwear and a white dress. (Thank God I work from home, since I clearly cannot dress myself.)

I also have some personal giveaways planned, which may include signed hardcover copies of One Wish. So . . . check back soon for updates, and if you don’t already, plan to stop by my blog on Feb. 1st to read what’s happening with Stacey Jay, and regularly for a feast of Debutante awesome!

Between that, I will do some of my traditional, irrelevant blog updating: lamenting WIP edits, attempting to determine if I am more excited that my book will be for sale soon or completely freaked out, and, if you’re lucky, I’ll throw in an occasional reference to the swoon-worthy Mr. Depp.


HAPPY 2009!!


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