Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Married Girl Crush

Okay, I have a confession to make: I think I’ve developed a serious married girl crush on one of the most obnoxious and snarkiest men on TV. I’m not sure how it happened, really: one minute I was rolling my eyes and the next . . . BAM.

Simon Cowell, I think I *like* you!

Sure you’re rude and offensive (though I have to admit, honest and usually right). I think you’re lacking in tact and prudence, but when you smile. . . .


I think it may be the accent. The accent and the smile. I guess because his overall TV demeanor is so surly, it makes me appreciate the times when he is genuinely surprised and complimentary (and smiles). I must cherish those moments: they are few and far between.

It happens on the following video clip, though. If you haven’t seen Susan Boyle’s Britain’s Got Talent audition: you *must* watch. The best part is the audience’s expressions before she sings. They are clearly not expecting much. Susan: You Rock, and Wrenn (One Wish) and I are pulling for you.

Be sure to watch Simon, too, though, because he smiles. (sigh)

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J.E. MacLeod said...

I have a crush on Russell Brand which is bad....

Leigh Brescia said...

I know! What is it about him??

The accent!

I really need to get over this British guy thing. :)

Sadako said...

Agree...I LOVE those Brit accents!

Leigh Brescia said...

Sadako- Me too! I'm obsessed!!
Colin Firth? (sigh)