Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hi Everyone!

A few things on this beautiful Monday morning . . .

1. It’s already a sunny 72 degrees outside (the high for today is 90). I am *loving* it!

2. I am surrounded by boxes. We are packing and moving into what will be our first house. More rooms, more storage, windows that open . . . I’m v. excited.

3. I had a great release week; now it’s time to get back to work. (Those of you who pre-ordered from Amazon: do not fret! Orders will begin filling soon!) I’m kind of torn at the moment. Though I haven’t even finished revisions on my last WIP, I’ve already decided to write a new book this summer. The problem is I don’t know which story to tackle first. There are two novels I’ve previously written that I want to re-write, but this weekend I got an entirely new idea.

4. The new idea would be an urban fantasy, which I’m intrigued by but obviously a genre I’ve never written. My characters (though unnamed) are already carrying on conversations in my head. I’ve started researching the subject a bit. I’ll have to make a decision soon: work on my previous projects or see if I can do something with the new idea.

5. It would be nice to clone myself. I’d send one of me to pack boxes, the other me would grade papers, and I could finish revisions and get to work on my new project.

6. I’m having serious website issues. It will be a while before I get it up. (Would be great to have a fourth clone to handle the headache that has been designing and uploading my web presence).

7. Here is my 2009 Debs Blog Tour schedule for the week:

Week of April 26-May 2

4/26 Heather Duffy-Stone

(Find out more about Zoe, Wrenn’s best friend!)

4/27 Sydney Salter

(Why I had to pray that my hair wouldn’t fall out!)

4/28 Deva Fagan

(My favorite fairy-tale)

4/29 Cheryl Renee Herbsman

(Learn more about my favorite place to write)

4/30 Danielle Joseph

(Find out what inspired me to write One Wish)

5/2 Cyn Balog

(The first piece of fiction I ever wrote)

8. And finally, I stole this from Tina over at the Buzz Girls Blog, because *everyone* should stop what they’re doing at least once a day for a song and dance break.

Have a great day!!



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