Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We interrupt this work day to inform you that www.leighbrescia.com is live.

I’m not going to even go into the headache that was designing and uploading this thing: how many designs I went through, how many software platforms I tried before I could get it to work, the time spent on the phone with troubleshooters who were no help to me at all. . . .

I gave up on the traditional software/uploading and finally decided to design a site in SproutBuilder since I’d had so much success with it before. Yay for beating the system!

So far so good. J

1) I hope you stop by.

2) I hope you like it.

3) I hope you’ll let me know if you come across any incorrect/dead links.

Since I am a one-person show (on my good days I’m actually a writer: not a graphic/website designer or HTML expert) there’s a good possibility that I’ve overlooked something.

There’s a link to the book trailer, and an audio excerpt of me reading from One Wish (though I really don’t care if you skip that, because I’m not too thrilled with the way I sound on recordings . . . I can only hope that I don’t sound that way in real life).

Meanwhile, the next time I need a website overhaul I’m going to the professionals. Lesson learned.

Have a great day!

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