Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Friday!

It’s Friday! Yay!

1. I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m not a morning person. My brain doesn’t seem to come alive until after 8:00pm for some reason, and then, like last night, it doesn’t stop until 2am. Am moderately exhausted this morning, but I did write 2,000 words on my new WIP. Yep, it’s official: I’m writing again. This time it’s an urban fantasy. (Fingers crossed.)

2. Would’ve been asleep earlier than 2am if a freak thunderstorm hadn’t come through last night. There’s nothing like laying in bed, knowing you need to fall asleep, but watching the room flash every time lightning strikes instead. I’m convinced that, when things like that happen, it’s meant for me to experience because I’ll need to write about it one day. Consider it tucked away in my arsenal.

3. Am reading an ARC of Sydney Salter’s new MG novel “Jungle Crossing,” which is due out this fall. Let me tell you, Sydney is *so* funny. She has this character’s voice down, and I spent half of the first chapters laughing out loud. (Kat is on a family vacay to Mexico, which she *doesn’t* want to be on.) I’ve read parts of it aloud to baby girl. She loves the girl with the blue streaks in her hair, and is *really* concerned about the fact that the Mexican bus they ride on doesn’t have seatbelts.

4. The countdown to Book Expo America and my New York City trip is on! 20 days to go! I’m going to print the Saturday signing schedule today and highlight my battle plan. Sarah Dessen will be there, and yes, I plan to squeal in all my fangirl glory. Also, don’t forget I’ll be signing that afternoon! Let’s hope that a) I’m not left alone at the table to watch people pass by and b) I can remember how to spell my name. I’m also looking forward to meeting my editor, a few of my housemates (Mark Fink, Bethany Hegedus), and some of the Debs. (Fingers crossed!)

5. I’m still missing a washer and dryer. I have one more good laundry day before my new ones will need to be picked up, or I will be heading back to my mom’s. New ones are preferred.

And a bonus #6: I blogged almost every day this week. Go me!

Hope you have a Fantastic Friday!



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