Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An NYC Top Ten

So, I’m home, but I’m floundering among paperwork related to my *real* job, so there’s no time to post a real BEA update yet. In the meantime:

Top Ten Things I Learned in NYC

10. Traffic? I’d never *seen* traffic until we drove to Times Square.

9. There are no such things as turn signals, individual lanes, or other driving courtesies. The posted speed limit is merely a suggestion.

8. You can’t walk one block without hearing another language. It really is a “melting pot.”

7. The city doesn’t sleep. Seriously. We had to keep the AC on all night to drown out the noise.

6. Not to assume that cab drivers know where they’re going: especially if there are two or three hotels in the city with the same name.

5. Car horns are not cute accessories. They should be used . . . and often. I mean, seriously: as often as possible.

4. There’s nothing funnier than watching your mom get escorted away by Homeland Security over moisturizer and sun block. They were apparently too important to throw out.

3. You may run into famous people. Like Sarah Dessen. Craig Ferguson. Nicholas Sparks. Phil Vassar. Prince Harry. Yes. We saw them all. (I met Sarah and spotted Craig and Nick at BEA. The guy I’m sorta married to but not allowed to talk about online met Phil (country singer) at Toys R Us in Times Square. Shook his hand and chatted. Did not get photo or autograph. Is kicking himself right now. We all saw Prince Harry leave the Rainbow Room at NBC studios. I snapped a photo . . . of his bodyguards.

2. NYC is really as awesome as all the clichés say.

1. I *will* return.

More soon!



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