Monday, December 7, 2009

Specifications of my Dream House

Since last week was so great (minimal grading!!), I figured I should celebrate by blogging. Of course, I can *never* think of anything witty to post when I need to, and so I sat here and thought and thought and thought and nothing came to mind and I wondered if I should talk about Christmas or books or writing . . . or New Moon/Twilight/vampires/how totally obsessed I am with Edward Cullen. . . .

And then I thought, there should be like, this random blog generator that passes out topics. And then I realized I probably wasn’t the first person in need of this; that there *had* to be one already. And so I yahoo’ed, which I guess is like googled, only I searched from the yahoo home page (googled sounds so much cooler than yahoo’ed) and look what I found:

Some of the topics it suggested?

Television series that have gone bad
The most terrifying animal
Pop vs hip hop
The worst ways to die

But none of those really spoke to me. I mean, there’s nothing like welcoming a Monday morning by thinking about all the ways you *don’t* want to go. (Fire. Drowning. Cancer. Suffocating. Car Accident. Well, anything that isn’t in my sleep, I suppose.)

And then it suggested: Specifications of your Dream House. So that’s what I’m going to talk about today. My dream house. Yes, this is so random. Yes, I am totally cheating. But who doesn’t want to fantasize about the house they *could* have, right?

So here goes. . . .

Assuming that money is no object. . . .

There should be a lot of square feet. A LOT of square feet.
I want a huge yard that’s fenced in with rolling hills and some trees and many acres of forest.
I’d like a few horses (and someone to help take care of them).
I want a place in the yard for rescue dogs, because if money was no object I would take in as many homeless, forgotten animals as possible.
I want a garage that holds “several” cars. And cool cars to go in them.
A backyard pool. Someone who will clean it for me.
A pool house.
Beautiful gardens. A gardener to take care of them, because my thumb is seriously charred.
A monster master bedroom/bathroom.
The bathroom floor tile should be heated.
Two circular stairways in the massive foyer.
I’d like a gym. And then I’d like the motivation to actually use it.
I want a mirrored room with hardwood floors for dancing.
A media room for watching movies.
An office to work/write in.
A gorgeous, state of the art kitchen. A chef to use it.
A room for my black baby grand piano. The time to actually play it.
A library. (With those rolling ladders.)
A game room with a pool table.
And finally, I’m partial to French architecture (country/chateaus). Spires and turrets optional.

I’m actually going to move here:

I’m just waiting for it to go on the market.

You can tell I haven’t given this much thought. At all. Thank goodness for random blog topic generators on Monday morning.

How about you? What would your dream home boast? Or maybe you want to move to the Biltmore Estate with me?

I’ll give away a signed copy of ONE WISH (just in time for Christmas!!) to one random commenter either here or LiveJournal. Any age; any town; anyone.

The contest ends Thursday at midnight. I’ll announce a winner on Friday.

Have a Great Week!


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Liz said...

I have to agree with everything you suggest, though I think I would prefer to live in Pemberley myself. The library has to have an iron spiral staircase though. I've always wanted one of those.

Kat O'Keeffe said...

Ha, when I was in middle school I used to spend hours (in history class!) daydreaming about my dream house and sketching floor plans. The best part had to be the Ferris wheel in the backyard.

The contest looks awesome! Please enter me!



Groovy Gal said...

Cool! How bout Northanger Abbey for my dream home. Enter me in the contest please!

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?