Thursday, June 17, 2010

Friday Five on Thursday Night!

1. I am eating Baskin Robbins ice cream as I type this. Mint chocolate chip. Mmmmm. So. Good. Don’t hate me.

2. We just got back from baby girl’s first summer gymnastics lesson. All the good moms were talking about recipes and how much weight they’ve lost so far this summer. I picked up a club sandwich on the way home. Made baby girl a PB & J. Now I’m eating ice cream. I think that speaks for itself.

3. I’m still contemplating working out. It *was* a resolution. I was walking for a while. That fell by the wayside in May, when it turned 90 degrees times 100% humidity. . . . Welcome to Summer in North Carolina.

Hmm. I also said in my resolutions that if I overbooked myself, the workout would be the first to go. Does that mean I’m in the clear?

4. Speaking of overbooked, baby girl had art camp this week. I drove about 30 minutes one way every day to get her there. The good news is it’s one of my favorite towns: right on the river. My mom rode with me a couple of days, and we did some window shopping and visited art galleries. This place has an amazing arts community. . . . I want to move there and open a book store and become a zen bohemian artist vegetarian writer.

Ugh. There was turkey on my club sandwich. And Bacon. Vegetarian FAIL. And there is nothing zen about me or anything I do.

5. Just finished THE LAST SONG by Nicholas Sparks. I can always count on Nick to provide the story if I bring the tissues. I’m on to Stephenie Meyer’s latest: THE SHORT SECOND LIFE OF BREE TANNER. I also have two Debs ARCs in the mail . . . and a TBR pile a mile high.

And as a bonus #6: I will spend Friday afternoon coloring my hair. In an effort to become a redhead, I am attempting Feria R68: Ruby Rush. We shall see.

Have a Great Weekend!


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