Monday, June 7, 2010

Why Revising is Important

As a writer, you *must* pay attention to detail. There’s really no way around it. I’m the kind of writer who likes to push out a rough draft in three or four months, but there are many more months spent editing and deleting and re-writing. It actually took me a few mss to realize the importance of this, though. First drafts are never perfect, and the “layers” that matter are always added during the revision process.

You also have to check for consistency. Make sure your main character’s hair is the same throughout all 50,000+ words. One time, I changed a character from blonde to brunette halfway through.

Last night? I was working on a chapter and realized that I had the father, after dinner, tell everyone he was going to the den to watch football. This matters because my main character has things that she needs him to do, and it always seems like he’s putting them (and her) off.

Watching football is no big deal in and of itself . . . but you have to consider this action within the context of the story.

It’s spring, the main character is getting ready for graduation, and her brother’s summer wedding is only a few weeks away. . . .

What’s so wrong with this?

There are no football games on TV in May. The season is over.


Happy Monday!!


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