Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Five on Friday Morning. I know, right?

1. It’s *really* quiet here. I mean, scarily quiet. My SuperGirl SideKick started Kindergarten this week, so she’s gone this morning. This is kind of hard since she’s been home with me for the last, oh, FIVE years. It’s also nice, though, because I know she’s having a blast with her friends and I actually have time to *think*.

2. The dog is licking my carpet. I have *no* idea why. I think she misses SuperGirl. This doesn’t bother me either, though, because when SuperGirl and SuperPup are together, it is *mass* chaos. The dog thinks SuperGirl is her puppy or something, so it’s constant running and jumping and climbing and claws scratching the wood floors. SuperPup is a *much* better dog without SuperGirl.
But really, this is the third time: “STOP licking my carpet you Crazy Dog!”

3. A hurricane came through last night. Well, it kind of passed overhead: nothing major. It rained most of the night and this morning it’s cloudy and a comfortable 73 degrees outside. I have the window by my chair open. It’s kind of relaxing, actually. Very Zen. I’m not sure how to handle this.

4. Borrowed my brother’s copy of MOCKINGJAY, so I will hopefully be reading it this weekend. I feel like I am the last person on the planet not to have started/finished this yet. I’m totally excited about it, obviously, but there were some other things that had to come first.

5. This is kind of a low-key entry. Truth is, I’m not really used to being up and dressed and fully functioning by 9am. Us “work at home” types are usually just rolling out of bed. The good news about being up in time for school is that my day seems longer, and I feel like I get more accomplished. The bad news? I will never see the other side of 12am again. My late nights, I think, are over.


“Bailey Dog, please *STOP* licking the carpet.”

Have a great weekend!


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