Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring. This is my Nightmare.

No Friday Five Today. Why? Because it would turn into Friday Five: Waterlogged Edition. Friday Five: Why I Should’ve Invested in a Canoe. Or Friday Five: Why I Hate Rain.

Because my hair frizzes into a puff of cotton and it can’t be controlled. Because it’s dark and depressing. You get the point.

I’m not a fan of any cold, wet thing, really. I’d never make it in Seattle. Or the Pacific Northwest. Forks.

It has been raining here almost nonstop since Sunday. I haven’t seen the sun once. And you know I *need* the sun and the warm weather. I got caught in a major downpour on Monday while grocery shopping, and have made an effort to remain indoors since then. The schools here were closed yesterday, so I had a SuperGirl SideKick to entertain. Today we’re on a two hour delay. And yes, I’m taking her, even though her “school day” will last all of an hour and a half.

The ground is soggy, roads are closed. . . .

They are saying we got 15 inches of rain in four days. It was kind of nightmarish, actually. We had a major drought this summer, and it barely rained at all, which is unusual for the South, as we’re known for those freak, afternoon thunderstorms. Still, it’s like all the rain we were supposed to get this summer was stored away, and then dumped on us all at once.

So I’m glad I gave myself permission to take September off from projects and writing, because I got *nothing* accomplished this week. Crazy thing is: it’s October. WHAT? I know. And it’s 63 degrees, which is below my threshold. I’m a 78 degrees cool breeze kind of girl. It’s getting colder. I’m going to have to pull out sweaters, there are pumpkins for sale on the side of the road.

I will unwillingly embrace fall . . . if I absolutely must . . . if only because fall means that Christmas is just around the corner, which is, of course, the best holiday ever.

But please Please PLEASE, Authorities that Be: make this rain Go Away.

Wishing you a warm, sunny weekend wherever you are. . . .




cleemckenzie said...

You need to visit me in California. We do rain dances, but they never work.

Outside of having bad hair days, I hope you're good. I'm way behind in visiting any of my WS friends, so I apologize for not being in touch.

Leigh Brescia said...

I know, C Lee! I miss you guys!