Friday, February 18, 2011

Hurry Up, Spring!

The high here today is 75 degrees. Yes, a warm front is coming through, and it's just enough to make me want to push winter out the door, kicking him out forever. It's only mid-February, though, and we have cool days all through March (and even April). In fact, it's going to hit the 40's again next week. . . .

Still, I have *big* plans . . . like opening the windows. I *must have* sunshine and fresh air. I cannot live without them. Winter is like, my nightmare.

This time of year, though, I always feel the need to buy a flowering plant (which is stupid, because I know I'm just going to kill it). I also want a bird feeder. I have a thing for hummingbirds. I think I need wind chimes, too.

So, is it possible if I buy all these things spring will hurry up and stay for a while?

*crosses fingers*

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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