Friday, February 11, 2011

I'd Rather Be Writing

I have a passion project I'm working on right now, and I'm just *so* in love with it I don't want to do anything but write, which is hard because my days are packed with work and family obligations. I've spent two years now with these characters, and this is a companion story to an ms I've been tweaking during this time.

I *love* these people, and I've been giddy all week about this story. . . .

Virginia Woolf said that in order to write, a woman must have a room of her own and 500 pounds a year. I don't know what that is adjusted for inflation, but yeah, totally. Please sponsor me, Virginia, because I'm thinking if I had to pick between the power bill this month and the characters' voices in my head, I'm going with the voices.

Happy Friday!



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