Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 28

So, I had this amazing revelation last night. I *really* want to finish this book early, but I’m having all sorts of motivational issues and just *barely* making my quota this week. The problem is (and I should have seen this coming): No Fighting!

There are no more fights! Everyone is making up! I’ve only got like, 5,000 words left to write! There’s no more conflict. If people were still arguing and yelling and calling each other stupid, I’d so be finished by now. Instead everyone is nice and happy and things are working out. I should’ve known, really. This whole NaNo experiment has totally revealed to me that I *live* for fighting. Anytime a character can throw something, it’s a good thing.

I’m addicted to drama. It’s that simple. I thrive on it. I live for it. And it’s completely obvious that when there’s no drama in my own life—I take it out on innocent characters. The sadistic thing is that it makes me So Happy.

Time: 3:30pm

1: bowl of ice cream consumed (but I’m thinking about number two)
0: pieces of chocolate because there is none in the house—anywhere

No wonder I can’t finish this thing! No chocolate and No fighting!

45,393: NaNo words written
4607: words to go

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Derek said...

I have always wanted to open up a small chocolate store. Not one of those fancy high priced gourment chocolate companies with buttercups and stuff in glass displays but one where you can walk in and pick up a candy bar like a Hersey bar and browse through a whole store of assorted candy bars.

Of course, I do not think it would work and I would probally have to get rid of most of the merchandise due to aging but after seeing that popcorn place (is it called Pirate Popcorn or something like that) that recently opened up out near the intersection of the place where your husband works, I can't help but to keep wondering whether or not I should try it.

Like you, I too am a chocolate and ice cream (chocolate chip) nut but I think I need to cut back a bit as my jeans are starting to get a bit tight around the waist. :-)