Thursday, November 29, 2007

NaNoWriMo Day 29

So I did a “test send” of my NaNo novel to the site, just to make sure everything works so that *hopefully* I can get everything written and turned in before midnight tomorrow. It worked, yes, but it also miscounted my words by like, 500! Which means to *win* I have to write at least 50,500 words.

(sigh) I can’t believe it’s coming down to this—I’m cutting this way too close—I swear I am. I should’ve been finished by now. My luck? I’ll finish this just in the nick of time, and then I’ll try to submit it to the site and it will be overloaded, and won’t work or something, and I’ll miss the deadline.

That would bite!

So, nothing inspirational today, either. I want *good news* to report tomorrow. And I haven’t forgotten: I will mention what I plan to do with this book once it’s polished. December 1st, maybe, and then I’m taking my *much needed* break (to edit, yeah, not much of a break, but still—at least I won’t be writing against a deadline).

Time: 2:55pm

1: number of bowls of ice cream coming up!

47,102: NaNo words written
2,898: words to go…but not really because I have to write 500 extra. Ouch!

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