Sunday, May 3, 2009

Moving Day!

1. I moved this weekend. It began when power to my current house shut off at 11am on Friday, and it hasn’t stopped yet. I was in the middle of washing clothes when the power was turned off, so I literally had to pull wet clothes out of the washer and throw them on the back deck, then scoop water out with a cup. I also had to fish around a pitch black bathroom that night in search of my contacts. (You have not seen dark until you’re in a room with no windows in the middle of a dark house nearing midnight. V. Scary).

In addition to cardboard boxes and packing tape, there was also a 3-foot black snake involved (shudders). More material for the books I write, I suppose.

2. It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m in my hew house, but I’m *exhausted*. The fact that I work from my couch is completely evident this weekend. The pads of my feet are killing me.

3. I have a backlog of papers to grade, so it will be a v. busy Monday and Tuesday (at least). I also have an inbox full of emails to reply to, so if you’ve emailed me in the last four or five days, don’t worry: you’re flagged, and I haven’t forgotten about you.

4. Here’s my blog tour schedule for the week:

Week of May 3-May 9

5/3 Kristin Walker

(What I would’ve been if not a writer)

5/4 Kimberly Derting

(Bestselling Rockstar Author or an Acclaimed Literary Award Winner?)

5/5 Rhonda Stapleton

(My favorite cafeteria meal in high school!)

5/6 Jennifer Brown

(How does Wrenn Scott eat a Reeses?)

5/7 Kristina Springer

(The worst thing I did in high school that I didn’t get caught for)

5/8 Jon Skovron

(Why I prefer pirates!)

5/9 Megan Crewe

(The hardest part of writing One Wish)

5. I can’t believe it’s already May. What happened?? At the end of the month I’ll be heading to NYC for Book Expo America! I’d say that I can’t wait (which I can’t), but I’m sure it will be here before I know it!! Yay!

Back to work!



P.S. I'm not sure why my line breaks aren't showing lately, but it's getting on my nerves.

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