Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Recap

Happy Monday!

I know I don’t usually update the blog on Monday. Well, I haven’t lately, but that’s because of a certain psycho class schedule that I am not going to complain about even though my “busy semester” which I thought was going to taper off in December is now full-on until February. . . .

*head desk*

Somehow I made it through November, though. (It took all day, all evening, and well into the wee hours of the morning . . . but I made it.)

Now I just have to make it through December. Then January.

*head desk*

Still, in light of the holiday, I didn’t update on Friday . . . so here I am.

Happy Monday!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving. The guy I’m sorta married to but not allowed to talk about online and I cooked lunch together. He made a delicious turkey, and I made what officially is the best sweet potato casserole in the whole wide world. (I never cook, so please, let me have a moment to gloat.)

Baby girl would not eat a blasted thing. She is so picky. . . .

I am *not* a Black Friday shopper, so while some of you were in line at 4am for door busters, I was tucked safely in my feather bed. And then I slept in. Honestly, it’s not worth the money I’d save for the headache I’d bring home.

I took most of the day off on Friday to decorate for Christmas. We put up our “beautiful tree” (real: silver and shades of blue) downstairs, and the “family tree” (fake: full of personal ornaments) upstairs. They are the most beautiful trees in the whole wide world.

Here’s your Fact on Monday: “Christmas Tree Smell” (Frasier Fir) is my favorite smell in the whole wide world.

(What is with these “whole wide world’s”? I’m full of hyperbole today. Clearly.)

I also went all Martha Stewart (sans ankle bracelet) on everyone and made two wreaths.

I am a master hot glue gunner. And yes, that is my bow. I’m a frakkin amazing bow maker. (Best in the whole wide world!!)

The sad thing, though, is that I had to work Saturday and Sunday to make up for the hours off on Thursday and Friday, but it all worked out. This week, I think, will be manageable. I might be able climb into bed BEFORE 2am.

I MIGHT even be able to blog twice.

We’ll see.

Have a great week!


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