Friday, February 4, 2011

EBooks and Lip Gloss

There's been some buzz in the indie publishing world about the new NYT bestseller list for ebooks.

Apparently indies aren't included.

Yes, they're called indies now. Remember when self-publishing had this stigma? As in: never do it or you'll screw yourself forever? Um, that's not really the case anymore. Ever since the Kindle came along, there's been an indie ebook revolution. Authors are loading their backlists, publishing short stories and novellas to promote their other titles, and some are skipping traditional publishing altogether. It's all about trusting the reader to find and promote. . . .

I'm not well-versed in "all things indie," but it seems that Amanda Hocking's name keeps popping up wherever I go. Amanda Hocking, indie writer, who has sold over 500,000 ebooks. Amanda Hocking, who holds more than half of the spots on the Amazon YA/Children's bestseller list at any given time.

I'm sorry, but that is just *insane*.

I haven't read any of her stories yet, so I can't comment in that regards, but in terms of selling ebooks, the girl is dominating.

Seems to me she should appear somewhere on that list. . . .

In other news, I bought some new lip gloss . . . and it WORKS. Seriously. I am notorious for making poor lipstick decisions. The problem is I go for browns, and the selection is extremely limited. I've yet to find that perfect color I can live with forever, and I usually resort to mixing them. My last attempt was too orange, and the lip gloss before that tasted great, but died early. This time it's on the lighter side, but if I mix it with my darker shade, I think it'll work. At least it's not eight bucks in the trash. For that, I consider myself a success.

I also bought new Sharpie pens. I will rule this world.



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